Escapement | 2009
    27 clocks (high gloss aluminium with LED lights), four flat screen monitors, video and audio looped
    Frith Street Gallery | London
    “Twilight Language” | Whitworth | Manchester
    “Raqs Media Collective” | K21 | Dusseldorf

    Escapement is a horological, or clockmaking, term. It denotes the mechanism in mechanical watches and clocks that governs the regular motion of the hands through a ‘catch and release’ device that both releases and restrains the levers that move the hands for hours, minutes and seconds.

    The installation invokes clockwork, emotions, geography, fantasy, and time zones. Each clock face has twelve words that describe emotions, or states of being where we would normally expect the hours to be. When it’s a quarter past twelve, these clocks reads “guilt past epiphany”. Twenty-four of the twenty-seven clocks mark the time of different cities, such as Liverpool, Baghdad, Delhi, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Johannesburg and eighteen other locations. Three clocks are tagged to three imaginary cities – Babel, Shangrila and Macondo – and they run backwards, mirroring real time. 

    The video screens show the face of an androgynous, ageless person, transiting between the hours, listening to heartbeats and other rhythmic and arrythmic sounds.

    An edition of the piece is in the collection of K21 Kunstsammlung, Dusseldorf.