• Five Uneasy Pieces | 2010
    5 sets of paired life-size sculptures with seating extensions, five recorded dialogues, speakers, sensors
    Public Art Project | Anyang Public Art Project | Anyang

    “Five Uneasy Pieces” is an intimate portable outdoor audio theater suite. This cycle of enacted spoken word recordings (in Korean) narrates five episodes of anchorage and dislocation. Part public furniture, part listening station – referencing real estate, urban folklore and architecture  – combining notions of utility and fantasy – to create uncanny resonances across private experience and public memory.

    The scripts were based on research and notes taken by Raqs during their visits to Anyang, South Korea while developing the project. several inhabitants of Anyang,  were interviewed on the growth of the city. Their responses were imaginatively synthesized into a set of uncanny dramatic exchanges, written n the form of radio plays set in Anyang, One of these takes place in an elevator, another at a bus stop, a third is an exchange with an interior decorator, a fourth look at surveillance camera footage and the fifth is about Piano lessons. Together, the recordings (with narratives that move between public and private space) and the installation in public space present a singular take on growth and its consequences in Anyang, or, any city in the throes of real estate driven transformation.