Time Capsule from 2011 (TO BE OPENED IN 2061)

Aluminum box with contents (39 x 29 x 32 cm)

6th Momentum Biennial, Moss, Norway (2011)

Time Capsule, from 2011, is a time travel device which makes it possible for Raqs to claim its contemporaneity with the future. At the same time, the contents of the container constitute an encryption of the state of play between the ways in which the Raqs media collective inhabits the present, interprets the past, and faces the future. 
The container, interred into the earth on the 18th of June on the Alby Estate in the city of Moss in the county of Østfold in Norway as part of the Momentum Biennale 2011: Imagine Being Here Now, will be opened at an appropriate date in 2061. The work is annotated by a text by Raqs Media Collective, “A Letter to Amália Jyran who will be Fifty Four in 2061 CE,” published in the reader accompanying the Biennale.