Utsushimi (2017 – ongoing) 

Double Image / Token / Emanation Materialized Architectural Drawing in Illuminated Wireframe 

Site specific installation at Suzu City, Oku-Noto Triennale, Japan

A double image might occur when reality exhales. In the breathing out of a form, we might see an emanation, a token of its impression in the air, on the senses. The double image of
a railway station hovers over a rice field and an abandoned railway line, illuminating a corner of the sky. No longer in the way of any ghost train. It is its own spirit now. 
Utsushimi/ Double Image/ Token / Emanation takes the outline of a common infrastructural feature and extrapolates its form through a mode of ‘drawing sculpture’ to create a moment of cognitive dissonance between an object and its skeleton. The emanation – an exoskeleton – stands at a tangent to the structure by day, and is illuminated by night. This circadian rhythm of illuminated and non-luminous states make the work takes wing, like a firefly that glows in extreme slow motion.