• To People | 2019
    11 handwoven tapestries, 2 Prints on paper, 100 x 500 cm each
    Still More World | Mathaf | Doha

    Eleven hand-woven tapestries and two paper prints are hung through the gallery, cascading to the ground. The forms that inhabit the woven textiles represent a mass, a collective, or a network of people as an interlaced, connected weave. The work explores the meaning of the verb ‘to people’, which can suggest populating and inhabiting a space, wilfully or enforced, but can also be read as a work that is ‘for people’, referring to one person or multiple individuals. The pixelated figures create a modular, blurred landscape of objects and human forms in transition. Together the carpets constitute one image of the nexus of people coming together in large urban cities. The work was produced for the exhibition “Still More World” at the Mathaf, Doha in reference to the city of Doha and the wide networks of people who reside here. 

    The work is now in the collection of the Mathaf Museum.