The Course of Love

Sculpture using faceted Lenticular panels, with Found Boat

Setouchi Triennale | Honjima (2019)

Setouchi Triennale | Honjima

wataru funa-bito / the boatman lost the rudder.

kaji-wo tae / the boat is now adrift

yukue mo shiranu / not knowing where it goes.

koi no michi kana / is this the course of love?

Sone-no Yoshitada (10th Century CE)

A real boat cradles an ‘ideal’ boat. Just as a moment in life cradles a drifting idea. Love is held by the memory of love. An image is held by itself, afire.  In this sculpture with found object and lenticular fold, Raqs Media Collective plays with light, the geometry of folds, and the optical properties of materials to offer a representation that is as pared down to essentials as a child’s idea of a boat. Like a paper boat made by a child and set afloat on a stream, Raqs’ sculpture, ‘The Course of Love’ floats on a stream called consciousness, bringing to mind everything from Yoshitada’s evocation of the course of love to the image of a boat on fire in the sea. 

In the Course of Love

20 Photographic prints on archival hemp paper. 2021

20cm x 13.5cm

Delhi Contemporary Art Week, Nature Morte, Bikaner House, New Delhi (2021)