Time Travel : Board Game for Two Players

Game board, scrabble squares, instructions

2022 and ongoing

Time Travel was launched as a game during the Primary Forms 2, an exhibition of artists games for children of all ages under the curatorial supervision of Sebastian Cichocki and Helena Czernecka that is taking place through the school year 2022-2023 at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw

Can we turn back time?
Or maybe we can find ourselves inside a spatio-temporal tunnel?
Do you remember days that passed very quickly, but you remember them as very long?
Does time always flow forward, from point A to point B?
Can time flow in a spiral?
How long is “now”?

Time Travel is not a typical board game, although it looks quite ordinary: it consists of a board, instructions, and alphabet squares. There can even be a winner. But, in reality, it’s a poetic game that requires attention, patience and… time. According to Raqs: time wins, each time. 

To start playing, the following things are required: two people (eager to travel into the past and the future), board, two paper sheets and two pencils, alphabet squares (from Scrabble), and a lot of imagination. 

The box contains a precise instruction, or rather a letter addressed to the players. They are required to read it carefully, preferably aloud, perhaps even two or three times. The letter mentions that the fuel of time travel are stories and that every journey begins with a word. The prompts for the moves that players make, by turn, are questions about the nature of time.