• Dohas for Doha | 2019
    Five Videos, LED screens, variable dimensions
    Still More World | Mathaf | Doha

    Dohas woven by Kabir,
    Rahim sees them in the Stars
    Raqs finds them everywhere,
    in Doha and in Mars

    This doha talks in shadow speech
    Where words fail Raqs, let commas reach

    When nothing else will do, then Raqs
    Try a line or two of madness,
    which is but sanity, redux

    In the forenoon read a doha, and then proceed
    Raqs, for time to flower,
    each moment’s desiring is the seed

    Raqs waits for times to ripen
    Today’s loads, let tomorrow lighten.

    The video works “Dohas for Doha” are illuminated proverbs that play with linguistics, light, and the transmission of knowledge. A doha is a poetic form that consists of four lines, a poetic technique popularized by the medieval Hindi poet and mystic Kabir. Changes to the sequences of words in these phrases creates multiple meanings and linguistic puns that refer to the city of Doha and Raqs in encoded, poetic messages, providing another layer to the word ‘doha’, which in Hindi means ‘double’.