Practice is the daily ‘work’ (as verb) of art. It represents the sum of all the moves – practical, conceptual, affective, cognitive, philosophical, analytical and aesthetic – that occupies/de-occupies the state of our triangulation at any given point of time. Being contingent, this practice is a shape-shifting thing, prone to surprise itself as much it surprises others. Like a mycelial inhabitation, indeterminate and unbounded, it expands.

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Parade Gold and silver screen print on velvet. 2021 310cm x 147.5cm Delhi Contemporary Art Week (DCAW), Nature Morte, Bikaner House, New Delhi (2021) One thing after another. Everything in and out of step. The […]
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Fever, Fever

Fever, Fever | 2015 Digital video, photo-constellations, match boxes, archival prints, 6’29’’ min (played in loop) Global Imaginations | Museum De Lakenhal | Leiden, The Netherlands
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Corrections to the First Draft of History

Corrections to the First Draft of History Newsprint, chalkboard paint and chalk Dimensions variable Exhibited in an eponymous solo exhibition, at Frith Street Gallery, London (2014) followed by Untimely Calendar, NGMA, New Delhi (2014) In 1850, a […]
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A Different Gravity

A Different Gravity Furniture, Words, Mirror, Illumination, Carpet, Print India Art Fair, Project 88 (2012) A Different Gravity presents a flying carpet, a timetable, a wrong chair, and a mirror stage of some sort. You […]

Contribution For “2006 Peace Tower”

Contribution For “2006 Peace Tower” Vinyl Panel, 2 feet x 2 feet A piece in response to the invitation from Mark di Suvero and Rirkrit Tiravanija to contribute to the ‘Peace Tower’ for the Whitney […]