28.28 N / 77.15 E : 2001/02 (Co-Ordinates, Delhi)

Raqs, with Pradip Saha, translate documentary video and audio log sheets, notes, excerpts from legal document, and stickers and signs to create a matrix of meaning around questions of space, access, barriers and the law in cites today.

Documentary images of accidents, smog, crowds, police check posts, evictions, phone booths, bus stations, cyclists and communication infrastructure are positioned in counterpoint to legal excerpts and administrative notes. These in turn are juxtaposed with logs of sounds recordings, as well as with renditions of the rhetoric of signs, warnings, admonitions and slogans that either appear or are inscribed on urban surfaces. Taken together, this broadsheet is a folio made out of layers of documents and different, sometimes conflicting registers of indexicality. The materials and documents sit uneasily together, with fragments of the legal texts positioned in close proximity to images of an ‘un-governable’ city.

Publication & Exhibition History

Point D’Ironie, Issue #2, curated by Agnes B and Hans Ulrich Obrist (2002) 

An intermedia installation on the Co-Ordinates of Everyday Life, presented at Documenta11, Kassel, Germany (June-September 2002);

City One conference, Sarai/CSDS Delhi (January 2003);

Roomade Office for Contemporary Art, Brussels (March-June 2003)

Image Asia, Copenhagen (August-September 2003) Co – Produced by Documenta11, Sarai and Roomade