2003/ Posters installed in situ in Venice, Italy. 90x 60 cm (Utopia Station, Venice Biennale 2003)

Utopia is a Hearing Aid features images of the ear superscribed repeatedly with the statement “Utopia is a Hearing Aid”. This image-text emerges from our understanding that the possibility of another world is actually always latent within the materiality of this one. One has only to listen to the sounds of it stirring to make it manifest. This requires the cultivation of a hermeneutics of listening, of listening very carefully. Of paying attention to the things that are being said, not only aloud, but also in whispers, not only in proclamations and manifestos, but also in forms of disguised and coded speech, and not only in reasonable discursive forms but also in acts of parrhesiastic, fearless speech. It calls for fearless and attentive listening.