The Network of No_Des


12th International Symposium on Electronic Art (2004)

Nodes, when written, perhaps erroneously, as ‘no-des’ gives rise to an intriguing hybrid English/Eastern-Hindi neologism, a companion to the old words – ‘des’, and ‘par-des’. ‘Des‘ (in some eastern dialects of Hindi, spoken by many migrants to Delhi) is simply homeland or native place; ‘pardes’ suggests exile, and an alien land. ‘No_des’ is that site or way of being, in ‘des‘ or in ‘par-des‘, where territory and anxieties about belonging, don’t go hand in hand. Nodes in a digital domain are No_des.” 

One thing leads to another, a story fills a space in a song, and a piece of code gathers patches. And in time a re-purposed remixed media work is released into the peer-to-peer network called conversation. The Network of No_des uses driftwood from web searches, messages in data bottles, re-mixed fragments of Hindi and Bengali film scenes and research notes from Sarai’s ongoing exploration of new media street culture in Delhi to present an array of associational possibilities.