There Has Been A Change Of Plan 

2006/ Photographs on Hahnemuhle FInArt paper. 

Series of 4, each 96 x 137 cm

There has been a change of plan, Gallery Nature Morte, New Delhi (2006)  

There has been a change of plan features enigmatic images of aircraft abandoned in a dessert blossoming after a rain shower. The images are poised in a delicate balance between accumulating debris and fragile possibilities. 

Sometimes, adjustments have been made. Schedules need calibration. There are contingencies, questions, obstinate demands, weak excuses, strong desires. Journeys are abandoned midway. Airplanes sit on wooden platforms in a wilderness like widows on a funeral pyre. Flights are grounded, engines rust, propellers turn idly. The debris of the unrealizable accumulates on the surface of the eagerly expected. Time to pause, to take stock. Sit still and let a conversation begin. There has been a change of plan.