The K.D.Vyas Correspondence, Vol.1 | 2006
    18 screens, 9 soundscapes, architecture.
    Dimensions variable
    Architectural Collaborators: Nikolaus Hirsch
    and Michel Muellar
    Museum für Kommunikation| Frankfurt
    “Untimely calendar” | National Gallery of Modern Art | New Delhi

    “The KD Vyas Correspondence Vol. 1” is an installation embodying an epistolary enigma. The basis of this work are a set of eighteen ‘letters’ between Raqs and a person or entity who is identified as KD Vyas, sometime redactor of the Mahabharata.

    The installation manifesting the ‘Correspondence’ brings together eighteen video enigmas that could be an abbreviated contemporary concordance to the eighteen cantos of the Mahabharata, densely encrypted messages, annotations to the letters themselves, or memories of places and times where they may have been read — once, twice or an infinite number of times.

    The work involves videos, sound, a dossier and a dialogue with the architects Nikolaus Hirsch and Michel Muller that results in a structure ‘The Node House’ that holds the images and sounds, hovering like the disembodied memory of an instance of the epic’s hyperlinked incantation.

    An edition of the piece is in the TBA21 Collection.

    The Letter found in the Dead Letter Office
    Another Letter on Declining Time
    The Letter of the Haunted Warrior
    The Letter of Things Lost and Found
    The Letter of Estimates and Accounts
    The Letter Made Heavy by Regret
    The Letter Apprehending Disclosure
    The Letter of the Fugitive
    The Letter Never Posted
    The Letter Dispatched in Haste
    The Letter of Bitter Peacetime
    The Letter Made Brittle by Repeated Reading
    The Letter Forsaking All Claims
    The Letter of Verification and Authenticity
    The Letter of Disavowal
    The Letter of Disguise and Longing 
    The Letter Incriminating the Reader
    The Letter of Continuing Bewilderment