• The Mathematics of Anacoustic Reason | 2006
    Inkjet print. 182 x 120 cm
    Out of the Equation: Roads to Reality (a project curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist)
    NOW WHAT: Democracy and Contemporary Art, Space Hamilton and Insa Art Space, Seoul (2006)

    The Mathematics of Anacoustic Reason is an aphoristic image-text work in response to an invitation to respond to the concept: Out of the Equation: Roads to Reality. The project responds to this invitation by expressing an equation written primarily in the formal language of mathematics and by elaborating on this expression with images and a brief accompanying text. The equation attempts to condense an articulation of the relationships between silence, disquiet, power, and the actions of the multitude with a view to yielding a measure of understanding about who or what gets a hearing in the world

  • As part of sources for a curatorial project – In Open or in Stealth, 2018