Can You Say that Again (5 Uneasy Pieces)

Temporary public sculpture with 5 audio tracks (4:36, 4:43, 6:03, 4:59, 5:19); 5 sets of paired life-size sculptures with seating extensions, five recorded dialogues, speakers, sensors

Anyang Public Art Project, Anyang, Korea (2010)

Can You Say That Again? (5 Uneasy Pieces) features an intimate portable outdoor audio theater, framed by the “Exit” glyph of the walking man and the narration of five episodes of anchorage and dislocation. Part public furniture, part listening station.

Raqs references real estate, urban folklore and architecture – combining notions of utility and fantasy – to create uncanny resonances across private experience and public memory for Anyang.

The work incorporates two aspects. One is a set of plastic public sculpture attached to park furniture. The other is a set of five soundtracks of scripted audio-dramas, written by Raqs, translated into Korean, and performed by a team of actors from Anyang experienced in radio drama.