The Perpetual Recall of the Penultimate Afternoon

Black and white lambda prints, Series of 5, each 76 x 76 cm

Project 88, Mumbai (2010); NGMA, Delhi (2014)

The Perpetual Recall of the Penultimate Afternoon constructs an itinerary in the footsteps of Rosa Luxemberg’s last days in Berlin, with a detour into the yard of the former Rosa Luxemburg Electric Light Bulb Factory in Warsaw. A record of the different addresses where Rosa Luxemburg lived in the days before she was assassinated, these photographs are studies and scenarios for sudden departures and fugitive entries – traces of places to pause and consider the accumulation of restless afternoons. 

The camera hesitates, until a hand appears bearing Rosa Luxemburg’s book ‘The Accumulation of Capital’ in front of the factory gates.

Staircases wait, as if they are going to be summoned to offer a testimony at a photographic witness stand. A landing anticipates a darkening.