• 36 Planes of Emotion | 2011
    Perspex blocks with acrylic paint and etched text
    AGYU | Toronto

    36 book-like objects of varying thickness made of perspex are placed on found furniture. Each “book-like object” is inscribed on the spines. Each title refers to a specific emotional plane or state. The list of emotions is building upon a medieval Sanskrit manual of aesthetics, as well as the understanding that no one experiences a single emotion singularly – all affect is layered and multiple. 

    Raqs make new collective nouns to hint at this complexity.
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    A Chaos Of Awakened Wonders
    A Museum Of Innocent Assumptions
    A Transport Of Giddy Joys
    A Geometry Of Angry Loves
    A Furtherance Of Future Anticipations
    A Clutch Of Uncertain Embarrassments
    A Manufactory Of Rising Intoxications
    A Cortege Of Cardinal Hungers
    A Rustle Of Thoughtful Lusts
    A Triumph Of Truant Stupors               
    A Volley Of Rising Whimsies
    A Futility Of Sweaty Arrogances
    A Latitude Of Languid Longings
    An Inebriety Of Fluorescent Voices
    A Scale Of Sliding Sorrows
    A Largesse Of Generous Insanities
    A Madness Of Measured Impotencies
    A Fluster Of Surprised Kisses
    A Fleet Of Fugitive Annoyances
    A Bouquet Of Perfumed Cruelties
    A Masquerade Of Moral Panics
    A Perfection Of Sustained Fascinations
    A Fizz Of Aroused Expectations
    A Cabinet Of Morbid Contentments
    A Thrall Of Trembling Envies
    An Embrace Of Paralytic Seductions
    An Artillery Of Inconstant Shames
    A Picnic Of Nimble Choices
    An Indulgence Of Frenetic Laxities
    Carnival Of Misconstrued Disgusts
    A Mosaic Of Minute Hopes
    A Hydra Of Headstrong Desires
    A Whisper Of Manic Mirths
    A Sufferance Of Chewy Distinctions
    An Eloquence Of Delighted Doubts
    A Pleasure Of Sudden Dissimulation