Rewriting on the wall 

Laser-cut metal on acrylic, vinyl text (222 x 204 x 10 cm)

Exhibited at Surjection, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto (2011) and Guesswork, Frith Street Gallery, London (2012)

In Rewriting On the Wall, hand-prints are reconfigured to produce an alphabet of gestures—each a gloss of the letters in standard American Sign Language as used by deaf and mute people. The letters add up to a text (which accompanies the work): a stammering, hesitant, syntactically unsure consideration (written by a hand that appears on the wall like the hand that wrote on the wall in the episode of Belshazzar’s feast in the Old Testament) of the relationship between ‘I’ and ‘We’ and the horizon that encompasses singular and plural modes of being.