Site specific Installation

Lincoln Brayford Pool, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK (2016)

Perhaps (An Investigation Outside The Laws of Thought)

The arcs in the sculpture are portals. And as portals, they recall George Boole’s (who was a lincoln person) ‘logic gates’ ‐ conceptual sites of entry and exit for answers to questions that can end in either a yes or a no ‐ which he first spelt out in his ‘Investigation into the Laws of Thought’. Today, logic gates are the building blocks of computer programming. These two arcs stand close, one nested into the other, such that It would be possible to enter one, and then the other, and then exit through the first again, without changing one’s direction. One could think of this as a way of entering a NO gate, by passing through a YES gate, and then exiting through the YES gate again. In this way, maybe we make room for a PERHAPS.

Two arcs rise and fall into the water of a pool. Coated by a sheer reflective surface, the two arcs mirror each other, the water and their environs, creating an illusion of a fold in space, a thickening of air. Would this entail an investigation, into, and then outside, the laws of thought? Perhaps.