• Blood of Stars | 2017
    Site Specific Intervention at the Statsberget Cave. Installation and Video
    Extracts from a Future History | Lulea

    “The Blood of Stars” invites us to think about the relation between the presence of iron — a fugitive from the stars, sleeping deep inside the earth — and the veins of warm-blooded mammals. Meanwhile, it reads meteorites for clues about the stains at the edge of every sharp blade that cuts into flesh, and registers resonances that ricochet between mining, militarism and the mutations that mark a remote landscape.

    In “The Blood of Stars”, a media rich, site-specific installation located inside the Statsberget Cave, Raqs Media Collective catch starlight in a dying reindeer’s eye, eavesdrop on the logic of extraction inside an iron mine and explore the tunnels of an abandoned subterranean military facility inside the arctic circle that was left unused after being kept warm in preparation for a nuclear winter.

    The work revels itself as a ‘Walk in Ten Scenes’ using light, sound, found objects, the moving image and a sparse, poetic text.