• Revoltage | 2011
    9 letters, 1.7m x 1.3m each letter. Black and red wire wheels.
    Headquarters of French Communist Party, 2, Place du Colonel Fabien | Paris

    Revoltage is a large sculpture made up of light bulbs, electricity, electrical wire and a new word. It fills the space it occupies with warmth, light, and the charge of an idea that embraces both celebration and rage. 

    An array of light bulbs spells a series of nine giant, larger than human-size letters – R, E, V, O, L, T, A, G & E – like the elements of a festive marquee. The letters join to suggest an incandescent hybrid between electricity and uprising – alternately illuminating the words ‘Revolt’ & ‘Voltage’ through a fluctuating electrical current in order to coin a new thought, ‘Revoltage’. 

    The work registers, first as an after-image (the kind we see when we shut our eyes after looking at a strong source of light) and then as a subliminal suggestion within our consciousness to brighten our days with the brilliance of a form of truant, rebel power that refuses to either name itself or be named into domesticity.