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With Respect to Residue

Sets of 4 Printed (Paper) Table Mats with gold pigment with maps and images | Installation with lightbox table, chair, ashtray, printed paper placemats Note: The work was first shown at the Liverpool Biennale, 2004 as […]

Once again, to the distant observer

Text by Raqs, published in SubContingent: The Indian Subcontinent in Contemporary Art, Catalogue accompanying the exhibition

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Ectropy Index

2005/ HTML The word “ectropy” means a general increase in organisation. It appears to have been developed in 196 by Willard V. Quine, a philosopher and mathematician, in the course of a series of discussions […]
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 Erosion by Whispers

2005/ 2 lightboxes, galvanized wire, printed broadsheets, 66 x  76 x 13 cm | Exhibited at Ephemeral cities: A Project Space, Deptford X, London (2005) 
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Lost new shoes

2005/ Installation with shoes, astroturf, and video projections | Exhibited at Citizens, Pitzhanger Manor House, London; The City Gallery, Leicester; Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales; Ormeau Baths Gallery, Belfast; 2005.  Lost New Shoes confronts the notion of […]
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Phantoroman: Preface to a ghost story

Preface to a Ghost Story, 2005, is a series of black-and-white vignettes that tell the tale of an ‘unknown citizen’ who has leaped to his death, leaving behind a make-do archive for a gathering of […]
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A Measure of Anacoustic Reason

A Measure of Anacoustic Reason | 2005Installation with 1 projection, 4 screens, 4 dialogues, 4 lecterns, 4 benches with embedded speakers, lightbox | Exhibited at India Contemporary, Venice Biennale (2005), Thermocline of Art, Zentrum fur […]
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The Wherehouse

2004 / Installation with video, found objects, altered books, text panels, audio, spoken performance, photographs, and web page | Revolution/Restoration II, Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels (2004); Taipei Biennial, Taipei (2004–05)

Dreams and Disguises, As Usual.

Text by Raqs. Published in ‘Impostor in the Waiting Room’, the publication accompanying the eponymous exhibition, Bose Pacia Gallery, New York, 2004

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Utopia is a hearing aid

2003/ Posters installed in situ in Venice, Italy. 90x 60 cm (Utopia Station, Venice Biennale 2003) External link: Is the World Sleeping, Sleepless, or Awake or Dreaming? by Raqs Media Collective e-flux journal issue #56 […]
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A/S/L (Age/Sex/Location)

3-screen video & sound installation, with images, text and transcripts of a simulated chat room conversation | 2003 In this installation (which also doubles as a piece of text-based one-act electronic theatre), transcripts of chat […]

TAS (Temporary Autonomous Sarai)

Raqs Media Collective with Atelier BowWow (Tokyo)  Portable, multi-use structure made with packing crates for computers, projectors, paper, sound and people.   Commissioned by the Walker Art Center and funded by the Foundation, Temporary Autonomous Sarai is an […]
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5 Pieces of Evidence

5 Pieces of Evidence | 2003/ Installation with 5 video screens, audio, and steel armature  5 Pieces of Evidence reflects on missing persons, urban myths, transitoriness, maps, and global networks. The five screens are narratively organized […]
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28.28 N / 77.15 E : 2001/02 (Co-Ordinates, Delhi) Raqs, with Pradip Saha, translate documentary video and audio log sheets, notes, excerpts from legal document, and stickers and signs to create a matrix of meaning […]
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N- Dl Jn. (New Delhi Junction) 

Location: 28° 28′ N, 77° 15′ ETime Zone: – | – | UTC/GMT +5.30 HoursAirports: 1Inhabitants: 10,009,200 (Delhi), 16, 713,200 (Including Agglomeration) 24 x CD Players, Headphones and 24 x 5 Minute Audio Loops/MP3 | F.0037.0000 […]
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Coordinates Of Everyday Life

Coordinates of Everyday Life | 2002 3 videos, 1 floor vinyl, 10,000 stickers for city walls Co-ordinates 28.8N 77.15E. Installation using video screens, sound, print, and stickers In listing a set of latitude and longitude […]
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PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH THE WORK OF ARTCarved marble panel, postcards, wall text | 2000/2006 Raqs Media Collective present an ironic monument to the persuasive powers of art, carved in stone for posterity and printed […]