An Infra-vocabulary for Capital (2023)

Vinyl on wall, dimensions variable

Further Annotation to ‘Notations on Time’ by Raqs Media Collective at Ishara Foundation, Dubai

Upright board with an inscribed ‘Infra-Vocabulary’ of a selection from Raqs Media Collective’s synonyms for capital, taken from their work – ‘A Dying Man Sings of That which Felled Him’ (installation with video and inscriptions, 2006) which was subsequently published in their book, Seepage’ (Sternberg Press, 2009) 

This inscribed selection from a  list of a thousand words (reminiscent of Bhishma’s death-bed incantation of the thousand names of Vishnu) may be thought of as a ‘dying declaration’, or as a eulogy chanted by a dying man to the power that felled him. The inscription, by inviting us to read this word-list,  involves us all as witnesses to this terminal state.

A Concise Lexicon of/for the Digital Common

A-Z lexicon of the interrelationship between social, digital and material space

Published in the Sarai Reader 03: Shaping Technologies (2003)