Borderlands (2024) is a series of seven laser engravings on black sandpaper. Rendered black on black, the hard-to-decipher drawings riff off medieval depictions of animals where the intended creature and its depiction only nominally match.

Come Undone

Many of the works in the exhibition emerge from Raqs’s commission for the Jencks Foundation at The Cosmic House. This resulting film, The Bicyclist Who Fell into a Time Cone (2023), is a poetic reflection on perceptions of a particular moment in history while moving through time, past and present, interrogating varied geographies of perceived centres and peripheries.

The Bicyclist Who Fell into a Time-Cone

The Bicyclist Who Fell into a Time-Cone, published by Jencks Foundation (2023), takes the form of an artist book, and foregrounds text over image. Mirroring the film’s visual textures, the five voices in the pamphlet register varying distances from what is seen on the screen and its potential elucidations: voiceover, description of images, words on screen, added layers of annotations and meta-annotations.

All, Humans

All, Humans builds itself from uniquely human faculty of language to construct conceptual categories that transverse the human condition. It arcs out like a canopy – suspended between a multiplicity of minds, hearts and hands, sheltering and anticipating the universal human aspiration and claim for freedom, equality and dignity.

The Waves are Rising

The Waves are Rising Animation, Augmented Reality Public intervention at Royal Docks & Thames Barrier Park, London E16 Sea Change: New climate stories for the Royal Docks by Invisible Dust ‘The Waves Are Rising’ features an animated augmented reality (AR) wave on a large scale LED screen, superimposed upon live video feed video of the […]

The Bicyclist Who Fell into a Time-Cone 

The Bicyclist Who Fell into a Time-Cone Chronogram/ film Duration: 25:05 minutes Commissioned by Jencks Foundation at The Cosmic House, United Kingdom (2023) The Bicyclist who fell into a Time Cone oscillates between fact and fiction while hovering over the year 1980. It was a crepuscular time. A time of thresholds and transience. The memory of a […]

1980 in Parallax

1980 in Parallax Exhibition at Jencks Foundation at The Cosmic House, United Kingdom (2023) Raqs finds correspondence with Charles Jencks’ work as designer, critic, historian, concrete poet and artist, and with his Post-Modernist manifesto and former home turned Grade I listed museum, The Cosmic House. The concept of parallax describes the changing perception of objects […]

Unruly Iris of Dissent (U.I.D 2), Swamp & Marsh

Unruly Iris of Dissent (U.I.D 2), Swamp & MarshProjection of Video Loop, Variable Dimensions and, Prints (1 x 1 m)Exhibited at Art Heritage Gallery, New Delhi (2023) 12 years after The Unlikely Intimacy of Digits (2011), which animated a nineteenth century Bengali peasant’s handprint found in a London archive into a spectral count towards infinity, […]

An Infra-vocabulary for Capital

Upright board with an inscribed ‘Infra-Vocabulary’ of a selection from Raqs Media Collective’s synonyms for capital, taken from their work – ‘A Dying Man Sings of That which Felled Him’ (installation with video and inscriptions, 2006) which was subsequently published in their book, ‘Seepage’ (Sternberg Press, 2009) 

Practising Collectivity:
What is possible and
not yet forbidden?

Published in CURARE – Curatorial Studies by Ute Müller-Tischler and Solvej Helweg Ovesen  The CURARE Reader is published as part of the CAMPI Curating and Management in Public Institutions program of the District Office for Mitte in Berlin, Office for Further Education and Culture, The Department of Art, Culture and History 

Yours, Sincerely (2022)

Essay as a part of Half-Life, a collaboration between e-flux Architecture and the Art Institute of Chicago within the context of its exhibition “Static Range” by Himali Singh Soin

Betaal / बे-ताल / Arrhythmic

Betaal / बे-ताल / ArrhythmicWires, Towers, Tablets and Augmented Reality Figures‘Being Theoria’, Zhejiang Art Museum, 4th Hangzhou Triennial of Fiber Art, China (2022) The relationship between what is real, and what is also simultaneously real, but in a different, augmented, extra-or-infra-real sense, can be thought of as a kind of off-beat rhythm, a time not […]

Time Travel: Board Game for Two Players

Time Travel : Board Game for Two Players Game board, scrabble squares, instructions 2022 and ongoing Time Travel was launched as a game during the Primary Forms 2, an exhibition of artists games for children of all ages under the curatorial supervision of Sebastian Cichocki and Helena Czernecka that is taking place through the school […]


Non-fungible, Digital object Video loop connected to fluctuating real-time global price index for gold  Non-fungible Speculations, Nature Morte, New Delhi (2022) 

soDA Magazine Story

soDA magazine 19, Zurich (2002); Casebook (2014, AGYU Canada), Raqs presented the concept of “Event-shaped Hole” which translated into the essay The Event-shaped Hole and the Photographic Image in The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics, 2021 Casebook (2014, AGYU Canada) A photograph is an image of an event-shaped-hole, and as witnesses to such perforations we could […]

Hungry for Time

Hungry for Time An invitation to epistemic disobedience with Raqs Media CollectiveArt Collections of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (2021-2022) The Academy of Fine Arts Vienna has undergone a fundamental renovation and modernization and returned this summer to its historical building on Schillerplatz. For the reopening, the large exhibition Hungry for Time is being […]


Raqs works with salt, or that refers to salt, as material or concept. The inquiry started from “Salt”, a photo-essay published in The Drama Review, Volume 65 Issue 4, 2021. Salt, The Drama Review, Volume 65 Issue 4, 2021 (download) A Planet Turns on its Axis Without Permission Single screen, Video, 18:04 minutes “Provisions for Everybody” at […]

The Ghost is Here Again

The Ghost is Here Again, 2014 Video Wallpaper The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021); The ghost is here again.To be neither witness, nor agent, not even provocateur, to be perhaps just a haunting laugh through time. To bundle sentience and turn on the electric wavelengths of interconnected metabolic surges coursing through the shared inhabitation […]

Intimate Intimidation 

Intimate Intimidation Readymade canopy, radiation hazard sign inscribed as a pattern in salt on the floor (240 x 240 cm) The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) Every willful misstep, every greedy grab, is an intimate intimidation to our own longer future. How do we stay together, in care of each other, when the fold of […]


Bestiary, 2021 Paper, digital drawings, photographic colour print, gold embossing 40 prints of 33 x 46 cm each The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) A New Jataka Tale:A Sumatran Rhinoceros, a Splendid Poison Frog, a Golden Bamboo Lemur loudly argue on the way to extinction. “Which form of life will persist”, they ask, […]

Tears (are not only from weeping)

Tears (are not only from weeping) Video loop, LED panel Duration: 05:59 “Laughter of Tears”, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) Tears are not only for weeping, they lubricate the possibility of vision. Sometimes we see things better when we cry, cry out aloud, or laugh, till the tears come unbidden.

Do Harmonious Friends cause dissonance?

Do Harmonious Friends cause dissonance?Blackboard paint, newspaper, chalk, text, silkscreen, glass eyes6 frames of 55 x 70 cm each The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) An owl and a donkey interpolate themselves, indicating the simultaneity of leaving and returning. Tyll of Braunschweig teaches us the trick of being on both sides of a […]

Comic Contempt

Comic Contempt  Seven découpe text on leather, etching on acrylic  40 x 68 cm each The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) As time refracts, its shatter illuminates differing strands. A comic’s contempt, her whisper of laughter, threatens the consensus. The sovereign clocks itself at every chuckle that diminishes its force field. Bail conditions set […]

The Coarse Fabric of Being Human 

The Coarse Fabric of Being Human 22 hand-tufted carpets  61 × 76 cm each The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021)  The only actually shared sensation is the present continuous tense. It reconstitutes, everyday, the coarse fabric of being human, rearranging the atoms of collective experience. Fleeting epiphanies crowd, asking – like auguries – […]


If the big, open sky is a canopy for the tumult of birds and angels, then under which roof does the flight of the ferment of our times soar? Tent cities spring from the streets and in squares like so many umbrellas of refuge and rebellion. This can be a way to re-read the history […]


Parade Gold and silver screen print on velvet. 2021 310cm x 147.5cm Delhi Contemporary Art Week (DCAW), Nature Morte, Bikaner House, New Delhi (2021) One thing after another. Everything in and out of step. The parade sidesteps the question of where it is headed. 

Memes and Fables

Memes and Fables: …tick tock Newspaper, blackboard ink, chalk and screen print. 2021 70cm x 54.5cm Memes and Fables: …tock tick Newspaper, blackboard ink, chalk and screen print. 2021 68cm x 55.5cm Memes and Fables: …wicked Newspaper, blackboard ink, chalk and screen print. 2021 70cm x 57.5cm Memes and Fables: …let it be Newspaper, blackboard […]


Chromachron Paint, pantone colors of the years 2020 and 2021 The Laughter of Tears, Braunschweig, Germany (2021); Delhi Contemporary Art Week, Nature Morte, Bikaner House, New Delhi (2021) Unexpected arrivals (of a virus in one year) and departures (of a species in another) transform the colour of time. Each year gets a colour signature: a […]

The Sovereign and its Company & The Sovereign Takes a Walk

The Sovereign and its Company, 2021Velvet, silkscreen, 150 cm x 300 cmWallpaper 560 cm x 375 cm The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021) The Sovereign and its Company are multiple, and multiply formed. Anything can be deputized. The historical glory and moral authority of the sovereign and its company melts away, and then […]

31 Days

31 Days, 2020 Video with Calligraphy, Pixels, Sound Duration: 17:45 mins The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021); The Pandemic Circle at Stamps Gallery, Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design, Expo Chicago – online (2020) and CC: World, Haus der Kulturen der Welt- online, Berlin (2020) A conversation in images, missives to selves and world, […]

A Gathering of Birds

A Gathering of Birds Audio loop with 3 Speakers Duration: 32:41 In the sonic range of the flight-path of a gathering of birds, we momentarily transmit to each other. We surpass contours of containment, and need no translation to be contagious.


Unledgered Installation Portals, Stories, and Other Journeys curated by Michelle Wong  Tai Kwun Contemporary, JC Contemporary, Hong Kong (2021) The exhibition was based on Asia Art Archive’s research since 2014 into the personal archive of the late Hong Kong–based artist Ha Bik Chuen (1925–2009) In 2016, when Raqs Media Collective first visited Ha’s studio in […]

Hungry for Time

An invitation to epistemic disobedience with Raqs Media Collective, in the Art Collections of the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna

The Pandemic Circle: Trilogy of handwritten videos

“Together, this suite of poignant and poetic videos grapple with the pervasive and dispersed impact on daily routines and relationships with one another, and beyond, in the age of the Coronavirus. In the summer of 2020, Raqs Media Collective released 31Days (18 minutes, video, calligraphy, text) three months after the predicament of quarantine and seclusion caused by the Covid-19 pandemic […]


Yokohama Triennale 17 July – 11 October 2020 Afterglow presents works that turn space into complex diagrams of thought and feeling. It comes into close contact with the ancient, rubbing against time to discern untested futures. It reconstructs objects of wonder by piecing together the broken shards of archaeological remains. It blooms like a giant […]

21 Personae

21 Personae is an extension of the 51 Personae project curated by Raqs Media Collective for the 11th Shanghai Biennale (2016–17). In Barcelona, the project coincides with the In the Open or in Stealth 2018 – 17 March 2019), curated for MACBA by Raqs Media Collective and coordinated by Hiuwai Chu

Time Devices (2011- 18)

Whenever the Heart Skips a Beat | 4 min 31 seconds Animated Horological Video, Words Click here to watch the video (email us on to request access) A Day in the Life of Kiribati Clock, nameplate, tape Exhibited at Asamayavali/Untimely Calendar at National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi (2014) The Ecliptic | […]

Raqs Media Collective

Raqs Media Collective Exhibition K21, Museum for 21st Century Art, Dusseldorf (2018)  The point of departure for this exhibition is Raqs’ continual fascination with time, a topic that has preoccupied the members of the group intensively ever since they began working together. In works such as Escapement (2009) and Re-Run (2013), they pose such questions as: what is time? […]

Three Shadows

Three Shadows Video, loop Exhibited at The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021); Not Yet At Ease FirstSite, Colchester, United Kingdom (2018); ‘Spinal’, Fifth Street Gallery, London, United Kingdom (2019) In Three Shadows, the dancing figures in white have been isolated and animated to render them into ghostly spinning specters. This is in keeping with […]

A Planet Turns on its Axis Without Permission

A Planet Turns on its Axis Without Permission Single screen, Video, 18:04 minutes “Provisions for Everybody” at AV Festival, Newcastle (2018), ‘Still More World’ Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art, Doha (2019) Turning, and turning around, on the Rann does not alter the white horizon. Salt– brilliant under the sun–dazzles the eyes, opens the lachrymal canals. […]


A thicket is a concentration of living matter. In forests, gardens, and fields, thickets rise where different plant species find it possible to thrive together in a wild celebration of life itself. Conversations too can have thickets; points of intersection of lines of force.  Raqs Media Collective’s presence at Tate Exchange (December 14 – 20, […]


Project 88 (Mumbai) 2018 “everything is burning” Raqs Media Collective returns to Project 88, Mumbai with “Provisions”, an exhibition that brings together the premiere in India of an ambitious recent video travelogue, ‘Provisions for Everybody’ (2018), as well as a new body of work — photo/text/objects that embody an agile and playful skepticism towards the […]

The Assurance Clock & Toxicare 

Featured in digital posters It’s Urgent! Part II & III, Luma Westbau, Zurich 2018 The Assurance Clock The clock in the poster is an embodiment of assurance, the opposite of alarm. This is an attitude that could be seen cultivated as an antidote to the epidemic of caution and false-alarms that characterizes our time. The […]

Workers and Robots Enter A Factory Canteen

Manga style text-image assemblage. Ten screen printed panels on newsprint. Unlimited Edition 2018 Graphics by Freddy Corasco An imagined conversation between real, embodied and artificial forms of intelligence, set in a moment of respite on a working day. First published in Wonderflux – a graphic novel anthology produced by e-Flux

To Ask, When Empty

To Ask, When Empty |2018 5 Lenticular Panels, 1ft. X 2ft each Project 88 | Mumbai A suite of six uniquely colourful lenticular prints offer a dance of terse imperatives at the intersection of will and necessity: “to ask when empty, to pour when full.”

Toxicity in Equal Measure

Toxicity in Equal Measure Layered sheets with perforations on felt, leather, rubber, copper, steel, cardboard, fabric and acrylic, with gold impressions. 22 frames, 1 ft. X 1 ft. each Project 88 | Mumbai (2018) A singular array of surfaces in materials that range from leather to metal celebrate the essential instability of all substances. Nothing […]

Re Run

Re-Run | 2013 Video loop ‘Extra Time’ at Chronus Art Center, Shanghai (2013) |  ‘Untimely Calendar’ at NGMA, New Delhi (2014) | ‘Raqs Media Collective’ at K21, Dusseldorf (2018) Henri Cartier-Bresson took a photograph of a bank run in Shanghai in December 1948: A crowd of people desperate to get their money out of a bank in […]


Technologies of Life in the Contemporary (14th – 16th December, 2017), Sarai-CSDS, Delhi and Goethe-Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan, New Delhi; Conference Conveners: Ravi Sundaram, Ravi Vasudevan (Sarai-CSDS) + Raqs Media Collective (Monica Narula, Jeebesh Bagchi, Shuddhabrata Sengupta); Conference Coordinators: Farah Batool (Goethe-Institut/ Max Mueller Bhavan), Satakshi Sinha (Sarai-CSDS)

Alive, with Cerussite and Peppered Moth

Alive, with Cerussite and Peppered Moth 3D printed PLA plastic, cast polyester resin, plywood and video projections  Architectural Collaborators: Palak Jhunjhunwala and Stratis Georgiu Exhibition History: Whitworth, Manchester (2017) Mathaf, Doha (2018) Palais de Tokyo, Paris (2020) This architectural installation speaks to the evolution of materials and living forms across alternative time epochs. The 3D printed structure represents crystal […]

Read By, Written By

Edited by Raqs Media Collective, Theodor Ringborg (2017)Read By, Written By is a poetry book compiled to accompany the 2017 Bonniers Konsthall exhibition The Image of War. In a kind of poetic relay the editors, Raqs Media Collective from Delhi, and the curator of the exhibition, Theodor Ringborg from Stockholm, contacted people from around the world to […]

51 Personae

51 Personae expands the possibilities of the 11th Shanghai Biennale: Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counterarguments, and Stories curated by Raqs Media Collective, as a series of gatherings that took place in different parts of Shanghai between 12 November 2016 and 12 March 2017.


Presentomorrow Installation with Video, Still Images and Animated Text Exhibited at Mondialité curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Asad Raza, Villa Empain, Boghossian Foundation, Brussels 2017 The installation presented within the framework of Mondialité makes references to several of their previous installations and to the writings of Édouard Glissant. It evokes the fact that the concepts, the […]

The Return of Tipoo’s Tiger

The Return of Tipoo’s Tiger | 2017 Performance, 2 video projections, masks, paper plaques V&A Museum | London Imagine an Eighteenth century South Indian automaton of a devouring tiger commissioned by Tipoo Sultan becoming a holy relic in the Europe of 4016 CE – a fetish object worshipped by the future submarine inhabitants of the […]

Dyeing Inayat Khan 

Dyeing Inayat Khan (2016) 2- channel video installation, color and sound New Sensorium, ZKM, Karlsruhe (2016) | Nature Morte, Bikaner House, Delhi (2021) Animation and editing: Ikroop Sandhu and Rajan Singh Click here to watch the full video (email us on to request access)


Site specific Installation Lincoln Brayford Pool, University of Lincoln, Lincoln, UK (2016) Perhaps (An Investigation Outside The Laws of Thought) The arcs in the sculpture are portals. And as portals, they recall George Boole’s (who was a lincoln person) ‘logic gates’ ‐ conceptual sites of entry and exit for answers to questions that can end […]

Theory Opera

Theory Opera Performances including furniture, architectural detail, podium design, performer’s platforms, projection surfaces and other functional, ornamental details Shanghai Biennale, China (2016-2017) “When theory gets to work, it sings.” For the 11th Shanghai Biennale, Raqs intended to produce a form to play out the tension that this distribution of intelligence between theory and practice creates. […]

Night & Day, Day & Night

Night & Day, Day & Night 24-hour clock, words, 5 feet diameter Asamayavali/Untimely Calendar, NGMA (2014) In twenty four words about duration in Hindi, breath gives way to blink, the origin anticipates the end, revolutions and eclipses consider each other. It happens all the time.

Time Gatherings

Meanwhile Elsewhere | 2014  Words, Clock-face Design on Vinyl Raqs Media Collective Berlin | Dhaka Art Summit, Bangladesh What begins with our eyes, travels to the brain, courses to our heart, and then returns to our eyes. Reading a feeling or a moment is something that happens between different aspects of consciousness. Reading off the walls […]

Seven Billion and One

Seven Billion and One | 2015  Variations of the infinity sign in gold pigment, on pages of newspapers coated with black ink (English, Hindi, Urdu), 108 sheets of 22 x 14.5 inches SMFA (School of the Museum of Fine Arts) | Boston

Asankh/ Countless

Asankh/ Countless | 2014 Digital Print on ACP, acrylic (6 x 4 ft.) | Untimely Calendar, solo show at NGMA (2014) The material infinitude that makes up the real world, Raqs argues, is a swirling, entangled mass of vital, corporeal wills to live and exist actualized as forms of matter and sentience. Infinity has room […]

Homo Speculos

Homo Speculos 5 true mirrors in matt-black columns (38 x 38 x 168 cm, 38 x 38 x 162 cm, 38 x 38 x 138 cm, 38 x 38 x 128 cm, 38 x 38 x 118 cm) Adam Aronson Gallery, Laumier Sculpture Park, St. Louis, Missouri (2015) Five true mirrors show you as you […]

Coronation Park 

Coronation Park echoes and amplifies the accidental epiphany that Raqs experienced a long time ago about the nature of power at the eponymous derelict quasi-ceremonial space where relics of the British Raj are kept for the consideration of an absent public at the outskirts of Delhi.

Bureaux of Raqs and Faqs

Bureaux of Raqs and Faqs Found furniture, index cards, words, plaques, electronic word displays, text and a scenario Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo (MUAC), Mexico City (2015)

Fever, Fever

Fever, Fever | 2015 Digital video, photo-constellations, match boxes, archival prints, 6’29’’ min (played in loop) Global Imaginations | Museum De Lakenhal | Leiden, The Netherlands

Luminous Will

Luminous Will School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (2015) Does history repeat itself, or simply rehearse its moves in anticipation? Can we read chronicles in terms of deferrals and déjà-vu rather than in terms of climaxes and closures?  “Luminous Will” refers to an eponymous work by Raqs Media Collective, where the hands of […]

Future Plans

Drawing animation Duration: 3 minutes Untimely Calendar/Asamayavali, National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi (2014) In the world of labour, men and women, animals and devices come together and diverge in all sorts of interesting ways. The coupling and uncoupling of gears and wings, of claws and hands, of hooves and feet, of algorithms […]

The Museum of Lost Constellations

Thirteen Lost Constellations Grus, The Flamingo, or The Crane Cerberus, the Three-Headed Dog Custodian of the Harvest Ramus Pomifer, The Apple Branch Lilium, The Lilies Officina Typographica, The Printing Office Quadrans Muralis, The Mural Quadrant The River Tigris Rangifer, The Reindeer Testudo, The Turtle Telescopium Herschelii, Herschel’s Telescope Scarabeus, The Scarab Beetle Exhibited at “Art […]

Art as place: A proposition 

Editor’s note: The three curatorial projects City as studio, Art as a place and Common ground conceived between 2009- 2014 are an extension of Raqs’s engagement with the creative community that reimagine the questions around cultural infrastructures. (1) CITY AS STUDIO City as Studio brings together people from a range of social, cultural and media […]

One Meter of Truth

One Meter of Truth (Emotion) Steel table with wooden top, printed canvas (58”x 58”, 1m steel measure) ‘Asamayavali/Untimely Calendar’, NGMA (2014) During a rehearsal process for a work being made with theatre artists, Raqs began to seek a language for states of feeling, and the body, that were at a tangent to the way in […]

It’s Possible Because It’s Possible

It’s Possible Because It’s Possible Centro de Arte Dos de Mayos (CA2M), Madrid (2014); Museo Universitario Arte Contemporaneo, Mexico (2015); Fundacion PROA, Buenos Aires (2015) It’s Possible Because It’s Possible is the fruit of a collaboration between Museo Universitario Art Contemporaneo (MUAC), the Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (CA2M), and the Fundacion PROA. It […]

Asamayavali/Untimely Calendar

Asamayavali/Untimely Calendar National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi (2014) Media rich, concept driven, formally multi-faceted, playful, urgent, replete with philosophical density – this is the kind of art that addresses all our faculties – intellectual, emotional and sensory. A visitor to this exhibition is invited to be a witness, to see himself and […]

Yaksha Yakshi

Reserve Army Human-sized sand finish fibreglass sculptures, cash, and barbed wire ornaments, printed vinyl screen, 335 x 214 cm MuHKA, Antwerp (2008); The Audience and the Eavesdropper, Phillips de Pury, London and New York (2008-09); Galerie Krinzinger, Vienna (2009) The sculptural installation The Reserve Army examines the intersection of a personal artistic practice (in this […]

Edited by Shveta Sarda, Published by the National Gallery of Modern Art in conjunction with the solo exhibition of Raqs Media Collective, “Asamayavali/ Untimely Calendar”, at the National Gallery of Modern Art, New Delhi (2014).


Equinox Cutouts, animation, video loop Part of ‘The Great Bare Mat & Constellation’, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston (2013) and Untimely Calendar, NGMA, New Delhi (2014) A carnival: an autumnal solstice celebration of all that is animate and alive. Horses lose their heads, fish leave their shadows, Diana, the goddess of the hunt is in […]

Carbon Twilight & Sleepwalker’s Caravan

Carbon Twilight Video loop Duration: 3:13 minutes National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), New Delhi (2014) The gatekeepers of the treasury have left the gates of the bank to stand guard over the twilight. A consignment of carbon moves between undisclosed stations under their watch. Sometimes, the shortest distance between the coalmine and the bank […]

The Last International & Three Meetings That May Have Happened, Underwater or Mid-Air

The Last International Installation with banners, screens, and trees, projections, symposium, reading performance and multiple performer actions Performed and Exhibited at Performa Festival, New York (2013) Collaboration in scenography, choreography and performance with Zuleikha Chaudhuri Performers: Umang Bhattacharya, Gagandeep Singh, Himali Singh Soin, along with Raqs, and eight symposium participants from New York city. Video […]

Activo y Pasivo (Assets and Debts)

Activo y Pasivo (Assets and Debts) Room Installation Size: 10 x 10 x 7 ft. Medium: Wood and glass room, wallpaper, tubelights, carpet Exhibited at ‘It’s Possible Because It’s Possible’, CA2M, Madrid (2014), Untimely Calendar, NGMA, New Delhi (2014) The missing fourth wall of a room saves it from claustrophobia. The walls, and slightly low ceiling, […]

A History of Photography

Six photographic prints 2 x 2 ft. each Exhibited at Untimely Calendar, NGMA, New Delhi (2014) Reading the censored letters of soldiers from the Indian sub-continent writing home in the First World War becomes a way to make a picture of the world. In this work, a selection of their letters also become a way […]

Corrections to the First Draft of History

Corrections to the First Draft of History Newsprint, chalkboard paint and chalk Dimensions variable Exhibited in an eponymous solo exhibition, at Frith Street Gallery, London (2014) followed by Untimely Calendar, NGMA, New Delhi (2014) In 1850, a man called Peary Churn Sarkar wrote up a primer for Bengalis to learn English with. He called it, ‘The First Book of […]

A Fortunate Spell of Pleasant Amnesia

A Fortunate Spell of Pleasant Amnesia Digital print on Hahnemuhle paper 305 x 61 inches Exhibited in Clark House initiated ‘Artists Against AFSPA’ at NGMA, Mumbai (2011), ‘Waiting for the Wind’, Experimenter, Kolkata (2014) and Untimely Calendar, NGMA (2014)

Autodidact’s Transport

Autodidact’s Transport Train carriage interior refurnishing, specially woven fabric, vinyl, short films, orations Public Art Project, Gwangju Folly, Gwangju Metro System, South Korea 2014 The Autodidact’s Transport is a transformation of the interior of a Gwangju local metro train with literal lines of conversation (originally diagrammed from Raqs’ computer conversations with each other), scripted orations that parse Erasmus’ ‘In Praise of Folly’ […]