Toxicity in Equal Measure

Layered sheets with perforations on felt, leather, rubber, copper, steel,

cardboard, fabric and acrylic, with gold impressions.

22 frames, 1 ft. X 1 ft. each

Project 88 | Mumbai (2018)

A singular array of surfaces in materials that range from leather to metal celebrate the essential instability of all substances. Nothing stays pure. Everything is eaten away from the inside by toxicity in equal measure. Porosity is ubiquity. The action of time, and perforations produced by different kinds of toxicity – proliferate porosities. Bookworms tread pathways in bound books, the unpredictable curvature of space-time eats wormholes into the universe. The claim to solidity in all structures crumbles in equal measure. Even time leaks when space is ridden with holes.