Ceasural Variations I & II

2 Videos: Ceasural 1: 03:18; Ceasural 2: 3:53

Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh (2007-08). Re:Frame, Lowave, Paris (2009)

Two short video meditations set in the post-industrial landscape of the steel town of Pittsburgh. 

Memory, the permanence of steel, the impermanence of industry and an invocation of the silent aftermath of decades of labour mark a steady measure of the flow of time. 

Within these brackets, an instance of machinic immobility; a caesural, a brief interval between shifts.  A time to stand, wait, observe and remember. Awaiting premonitions. 

Premonition strikes, strikes once, and then once in a while. 

Ceasural Variation I

An instance of the machine’s immobility is a ceasural, a brief interval between shifts. It stands, it waits, it questions. 
Perhaps it has premonitions. 

Ceasural Variation II