The Blood of Stars

Single screen, Video, 13 minutes 

Extracts from a Future History | Lulea  (2017); The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021)

The Blood of Stars invites us to think about the relation between the presence of iron, a fugitive from the stars, sleeping deep inside the earth and the veins of warm-blooded mammals. Meanwhile, it reads meteorites for clues about the stains at the edge of every sharp blade that cuts into flesh, and registers resonances that ricochet between mining, militarism and the mutations that mark a remote landscape.

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Voices: Monica Narula and Amalia Jyran Dasgupta

Editing: Rajan Singh

Sound Design: Ish Sherawat

Graphics: Aarushi Surana

Technic Assembly: Shamsher Ali 

Colorist: Pradeep Gosain

Sara Edstrõm – On-site Production, Extracts from a Future History

Isak Mozard – Producer, Extracts from a Future History

Lisa Rosendahl – Curator, Extracts from a Future History

Photographs from the family album of Isak Mozard

Miners on the Mound – Archival Image – Arkiv Centrum, Museum of Norrbotten

Additional Videography – of the crashed plane – Jan-Olof Granqvist

Hindi poem from Arun Kamal’s book of poems ‘Apni Keval Dhar’, Vani Prakashan Publishers, New Delhi


Katarina Pirak

Rick McGregor

Lena Ylipää

Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Kiruna

Malmberget Municipality

Institute and Museum of Gemology, Lainio

Statsberget Luleå AB

Kiirunavaara Mine Museum, 

Arkiv Centrum, Museum of Norrbotten

© Raqs Media Collective, 2017

Commissioned by Public Art Agency Sweden as part of Extracts from a Future History, Luleå, 2017.