The Sovereign and its Company, 2021
Velvet, silkscreen, 150 cm x 300 cm
Wallpaper 560 cm x 375 cm

The Laughter of Tears, Kunstverein Braunschweig, Germany (2021)

The Sovereign and its Company are multiple, and multiply formed. Anything can be deputized. The historical glory and moral authority of the sovereign and its company melts away, and then reconstitutes itself, constantly. Haunted by it’s own past, it splinters into shadowy incoherence, and then re-forms to greet the future. The question is, till when?

The Sovereign Takes a Walk: Season O
Gold and silver screen print on tyvek. 2021
263cm x 147.5cm

The Sovereign Takes a Walk: Season X
Gold and silver screen print on velvet. 2021
263cm x 147.5cm

Delhi Contemporary Art Week, Nature Morte, Bikaner House, New Delhi (2021)

Seasons change. An assemblage over two centuries – where beast, machine and regalia strut, stop and stray in promenade – cranks the force of horsepower to confront change, and induce its will. Time strains at the leash.