Practice is the daily ‘work’ (as verb) of art. It represents the sum of all the moves – practical, conceptual, affective, cognitive, philosophical, analytical and aesthetic – that occupies/de-occupies the state of our triangulation at any given point of time. Being contingent, this practice is a shape-shifting thing, prone to surprise itself as much it surprises others. Like a mycelial inhabitation, indeterminate and unbounded, it expands.

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Revoltage Text, lightbulbs, fixtures, acrylic, wire, synchroniser Exhibition History: ‘The Capital of Accumulation’, Project 88, Mumbai (2010); ‘Reading Light’, Festival d’Automne, Espace Oscar Niemeyer, Paris (2011); Art Unlimited Basel (2012); ‘Critical Mass’, Tel Aviv Museum […]
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How to get from here to there

How to get from here to there Photographs mounted on acrylic glass, neon | Series of 6, each 64 x 94 x 10 cm Surjection, Art Gallery of York University, Toronto (2011) Seven photographic prints trace the […]